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Follow-up news on Jasmy Metaverse Fund
Announcement of Jasmy Community NFT production
JasmyCoin will be available as a payment method on the SAKURA NFT Platform

Jasmy League

Resonated with Jasmy's philosophy: Data Democracy.
Jasmy Leage is a community that supports developers who aim to innovate together.
Here are the developers and thinkers who gather to innovate Japan's data society,
based on the Jasmy IoT platform, and compete with each other.
We will enhance and facilitate content for a wide range of developers (engineers, business planners).

※「Data Democracy」: Returning personal data back into the hand of the people, and managing it in a secure, distributed state.

*Jasmy League consists of three content: Campus, Forum and Contest

  • Learn about loT/Blockchain
  • Developer Program
  • Forum
  • Putting ideas to practical use, in a fun environment
Learning contents
Learn about loT or Blockchain and view online learning content. Think about the future of our data society and get infos on the Jasmy loT platform.

The latest online learning contents

【 Jasmy IDEA Award 】受賞者コメント
新しいデータ活用サービスのアイデアを競うJasmy IDEA Award 受賞作品 3アイデアが決定
【Jasmy IDEATHON vol.02】参加者インタビュー ②
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Competitive content
A contest to compete for ideas and prototypes to create a new data society using the Jasmy IoT platform. You can also participate online from all over the country.
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Collaborative content
Work with Jasmy and other engineers to refine your ideas.※ upcoming content
Developer Program
ogether with developers, we provide the tools and resources needed to develop towards a "data democracy." ※ scheduled release