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Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions about Jasmy League.

About Jasmy League

Q1.What is Jasmy League?

A community that supports developers who want to innovate together under Jasmy's philosophy of "data democracy".
While learning from each other utilizing the Jasmy IoT platform, users are "friends" who gather together to innovate Japan's data society, and are "rivals" who compete with each other. We will add content to support innovators and developers (for engineers and business planners).

Q2. Who can participate in Jasmy League and how?

Anyone who is interested in innovating data society based on the basic philosophy of "data democracy" can participate.

「Think about a business idea」 to create a new data society by thinking about new business ideas>
→Management, sales, planning, engineers, freelance, students etc.
1. Join Jasmine IDEATHON [participation and experiential events]
2. Apply for Jasmy IDEA Award [Online Participation Event]

About ideason

Q1.What is an ideathon?

Ideathon is combination of the words idea and marathon. It is an event held to create and facilitate new ideas in collective workstyle with team-workshop elements.

Q2.It's my first time to participate in an ideathon, is that OK?

Absolutely. First-time participants without prior experience of ideathons can be assured to learn new things by participating in the event.

Q3. Can students participate?

Yes, students can also apply. Minors under the age of 20 will require a parental consent form (free format) to participate.

Q4.What is a blockchain?

When the word blockchain emerged, it was often used in a narrow sense in relation of distributed virtual currency, a concept called Blockchain 1.0. Blockchain 2.0 refers to technologies and projects that focus on other possible roles and functions using deployable code, often called 'Smart contracts', primarily for the financial industry.
In latest trends, based on the technology of blockchain 2.0, broad application to finance, manufacturing, science and technology, medical fields, etc. is called Blockchain 3.0. At this event, we will learn new trends and explore the concept of blockchain 3.0. The goal and purpose is to create a business plans based on this concept.

Q5. What is a lean canvas?

Lean Canvas is a framework that summarizes the business model applied by entrepreneur Eric Rees, who is famous for his book Lean Startup. In order to succeed, it is important to correct the trajectory as soon as there is any problem in the business model, and update it quickly. The meaning of lean comes close to "no waste" or "efficient" and the lean startup was born as a management process to efficiently accelerate ideas forward, up to commercialization. The Lean Canvas is a tool that can accelerate the walk-through of the 4-step PDCA by eliminate unnecessary processes, while at the end providing better value to customers.

lean canvas

Jasmy IDEA Award

Q1.Are there any restrictions on application?

Anyone interested in data democracy can apply, from students to office workers. Feel free to apply using the application form for the online contest.

Q2. What are the winning criteria?

There are three criteria considered by the judges.

  1. Is the proposal conscious of the concept of data democracy
    (※Data democracy refers to the idea that each individual freely manages their information, including disclosure, non-disclosure, and deletion)
  2. A proposal including utilization of IoT devices (including smartphones and PCs) and IoT sensors.
    ※Proposals where the application of IoT devices and the value for the owner can be clearly identified.
  3. Proposals that include establishment of new relationships between companies and users (B2C), that create new value for both customers and businesses.

The winning ideas are selected based on these criteria.

Q3.What are the award prizes?

The highest award that satisfies all judging criteria will be awarded a prize of 100,000 yen. The BC × IoT award and new business idea award selected by the judges will each be awarded 50,000 yen. All winners will be notified by e-mail.