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あなたのアイデアで社会の仕組みを変える IoT × Blockchain × DataDemocracy Jasmy IDEA Award

Jasmy IDEA Award 結果発表

Jasmy IDEA Award

"Data Democracy" means giving control of their personal data back into the hands of the consumer and individual. Change society with your innovative ideas!!

Jasmy IDEA Award is an idea contest created to create a new data business model ecosystem based on the concept of "data democracy".

You are at the starting line of shaping an entirely new industry.
Outstanding ideas include prize awards and feedback comments from the judges (online).

Idea example

【Private data being controlled by the consumer】
 Individual medical data such as personal DNA data, medical examinations, medical charts, and treatment record information are all managed by individuals.
By scanning the hospitals QR code the patient can grant access to his medical records to the doctor and relevant entities.

【Sharing economy】
 A life insurance company develops a private car sharing business. Car-sharing users purchase a car-sharing coupon set in advance using a credit card.
When using the service, you can search for available cars. The number and times available with coupons can be extended according to the degree of personal information transparancy.
Discounted rates in cooperation with coin parking operators.

As an online application, anyone from students to office workers can participate.

We look forward to your own business ideas that will innovate the structure of society.


*The application is closed.

   Announcement     11/15/2019 (Fri)


  • 審査委員長 スプツニ子!さん 東京大学生産技術研究所特任准教授 Sputniko! Artist
    Tokyo University of the Arts Design Associate Professor
  • 審査員 長谷川 愛さん アーティスト・デザイナー Ai Hasegawa Contemporary artist / designer / Project Researcher at the University of Tokyo
  • 審査員 小塩 篤史さん 株式会社IF代表取締役 Atsushi Koshio IF Co., Ltd.
  • 審査員 岸上 順一さん 室蘭工業大学大学院教授 Junichi Kishigami W3C Advisory Board, Professor, Muroran Institute of Technology
  • 審査員 佐藤 一雄 ジャスミー株式会社代表取締役社長 Kazumasa Sato Jasmy Corporation President

The application has been closed.

November 15, 2019 (Friday)