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2021.10.13 Info

Witz becomes a regular member of Jasmy Initiative

Witz announced that they have become a regular member of Jasmy Initiative.

Witz becomes a regular member of Jasmy Initiative for the business of personal information management and crypto assets

Nagoya, Japan -- Witz Corporation ("Witz") becomes a regular member of Jasmy Initiative and operates blockchain node in order to commercialize the results of research to date. Witz will contribute to the operation of blockchain node and aim to expand business using Jasmy IoT platform.
Details of the services will be announced in the future.

■About Witz
Witz is researching services and tokens that will make blockchain technology easier to use for everyone, with the purpose of "making cutting-edge technology accessible to everyone", at Future Creation Collaborative Laboratory.

■About Jasmy
Jasmy IoT Platform, developed by Jasmy Inc., is based on the fundamental concept of "Data Democracy". By combining IoT, Blockchain, and Data Democracy, the platform enables personal data to belong to individuals and allows them to use their valuable personal data safely and securely.
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■About Jasmy Initiative
Jasmy Initiative was established by Jasmy in January 2019 with the aim of promoting IoT platforms based on blockchain technology.

In response, Jasmy have posted a comment on website.


Welcome Witz to become a regular member of Jasmy Initiative.

From Kunitake Ando and Kazumasa Sato, President of Jasmy Incorporated.
On behalf of Jasmy Initiative, we heartily welcome Witz Corporation ("Witz") to become a regular member of Jasmy Initiative.

Witz is an early supporter of our efforts to "Data Democracy" and realize "Platinum Data Concept". Starting with the adoption of "Jasmy Personal Data Locker" in MaaS PoC in Kitahiroshima city at the end of last year, followed by the establishment of Future Society Creation Collaborative Laboratory this spring, Witz has contributed greatly to the development of Jasmy Platform as support member.

We are convinced that Witz Corporation's active involvement in the operation of Jasmy Platform as regular member will provide a strong tailwind for the early realization of "Data Democracy".

Jasmy Platform will be almost ready for commercialization stage from demonstration stage just this October. We look forward to making our relationship stronger and taking on the challenge of a new business creation.